Concierge services available in Ibiza

by Yolanda Jones
May 6, 2021

Hopefully if you are reading this then you are on your way, or at least finding your way, to Ibiza at some point in the not too distant future. Congratulations – this is one of the best decisions you will make this year! Another worthwhile decision to consider is how you can maximise your time on the white isle and be able to soak up some of its spontaneity without any hesitation.

Ibiza is indeed a special place in that whilst there are some of the more obvious draws and attractions that you might know about, equally, the island is host to a whole world of hidden gems in the form of exclusive events, coves, hotels, spas, restaurants and chiringuitos. Some are off the beaten track and hidden out of sight, and whilst Ibiza only covers an area of 572.56 square kilometres, even the most frequent of visitors would not be blamed for missing out on some, if not most, of these places and experiences.

There are a number of concierge services available in Ibiza, many of which have been on the island for a number of years – some even decades. For a place that is bustling with so much to see and do, and a place where anything can happen, it really is worthwhile tapping into a concierge service to help unravel the opportunities, unlock the possibilities and equip you with, quite literally, anything you need.

No matter your ‘type’ of holiday – whether you’re stopping off as part of a summer sailing around the Mediterranean, laying roots for the season, going for the weekend, for a wedding, a birthday or just a good old fashioned holiday in the sun – these are just some of the services that one of Ibiza’s concierge companies can provide to make your stay just that little bit more special and easier!

Villa and Apartment Rentals

Similar to stars, the more you look for villas in Ibiza, the more you will see. Tucked away in the hillsides, overlooking the coves and secluded deep in the campo are some of the finest and most luxurious properties the Mediterranean has to offer. Ideal for hosting larger groups thanks to their size, multiple bedrooms, vast entertainment and relaxation areas, and generally being an independent eco-system in their own right (once you’re there, you don’t necessarily have to leave for anything!), Ibiza’s villas are constantly in high demand.

Very rarely do villa owners coordinate their own rentals. The majority are second, third or even holiday homes for the rich and famous to base themselves whilst on the island. In steps Ibiza’s concierge services. Often built on relationships forged over many years of successful rentals and work – owners of these multi-million euro properties entrust concierge services to coordinate the bookings, top to bottom. From greeting guests at check-in, orientation, making sure that guests have everything they need during their stay (private chef, personal trainer or perhaps arrangements for an event) the concierge service acts as a one-stop-shop.

There’s a lot at stake when renting out a villa – from having the wrong type of guests, payment issues, breakages (the list goes on…) – it really is a relationship built on trust. Trust that the concierge will act in the best interests of the owners and find the right party of people that will not burn it to the ground in a blazing party of 200 people! Trust that all cleaning and maintenance is continued in their absence and that the keys are successfully handed back at the end of each stay with any issues resolved.

This also means that each concierge service in Ibiza often has a number of its own exclusive clients that trust them, and nobody else, to carry out such important tasks. We recommend exploring several different concierge services to explore which villas they have on their books and to be honest and open about your intentions during your stay. They are there to help you and make sure that everything runs smoothly like clockwork!

Boat Charters

With the risk of stating the obvious, Ibiza is an island. A beautiful one at that. Surrounded by the other Balearic Islands including its smaller next door neighbour – Formentera – there’s a reason why Ibiza is so popular with our seafaring counterparts during the summer months.

Now if you are planning on sailing to or around Ibiza, then you might want to skip this part as you will hopefully already own a boat or have one arranged. For those of you who don’t, perhaps you are in the early stages of your boating license, have sailed before, or maybe you have no interest at all in physically sailing or skippering a boat, instead opting to relax with friends in the sun whilst someone takes care of that for you.

A good concierge service in Ibiza will unlock the best boats, the best crew and the most appropriate packages that range from small day trips to week-long jaunts around the island stopping off at coves and secluded beaches to dine amongst paradise on food prepared and served by private chefs. From super yachts to ribs, there is something for everyone and every scenario and, in turn, there’s a lot to arrange and plan. Fuel? Food? Route? Timings? Marina? Water sports? Equipment? A concierge service will take care of everything for you – provide a clear wish list outlining everything that you would like to do and experience along with timings and a budget, and they’ll do the rest.

VIP Tables and Restaurants

It’s not just the clubs that reach capacity and sell out every night, in Ibiza the restaurants do as well. Despite having restaurants tucked away in every corner of the island catering for every type of cuisine, al fresco and fine dining, it gets busy in the summer months. Chances are that the favourite restaurant you found last year is fully booked when choosing to go on a last minute Wednesday whim. It’s also a favourite restaurant to many other people!

Short of attempts to impersonate a celebrity over the telephone or sneaking through the gardens, you’re going to need assistance. Enter the concierge services in Ibiza. Thanks to their connections and agreements, these incredibly helpful human beings will be able to pull a table out of seemingly thin air for you.

The same goes for the clubs: Pacha, Hi, Ushuaia, Amnesia, DC10, Heart…you name it, they’ll get you in and take care of your party – the concierge company often greeting you at the door of the club, taking you through to your table and making sure that you’re all set. Perfect for when organising anything is both stressful and at the bottom of your agenda, because you’re on holiday!

Event Planning

Ibiza is the ideal location for the most memorable events from lavish landmark celebrations to weddings. The climate and stunning backdrop make for some of the most unique experiences in the region. If you are in the throes of planning a wedding, or know someone who is, then you’ll most likely be privy to the amount of work, planning, time, stress, planning, work (and did we mention stress?) that’s involved. Let alone doing it abroad.

Ibiza’s concierge services have some of the best wedding planners around, and not to make yours feel any less special or less important, they’re a well-oiled machine often turning around anywhere up to 7-14 weddings a week across different venues and villas on the island. The point is that you could not be in the capable hands of anyone more experienced and connected, and who has made every scenario and style of wedding come to life, to help with yours.

Of course life is full of reasons to celebrate, sometimes simply being a nice day is good enough! A concierge company will pull in all of the essentials. Food. Chef. Bar. Security. Music. Lighting. Entertainment. You name it, it will appear. After all, trying to coordinate most things to a remote villa and liaising with Spanish-speaking companies might prove to be just a little bit too far out of reach.

Private Chefs

Ibiza is renowned for its cuisine, mix of rustic and fine dining restaurants and talented chefs. A number of these chefs make themselves available to cook privately for guests in villas around the island (and many also around the world or are ferried out to super yachts). Party of 12 people, 30 degrees and no intention of cooking a banquet or lining up a healthy breakfast 14 days on the go? No problem. Dial in a private chef via one of Ibiza’s concierge services so you can spend time concentrating on what’s really important. Putting your feet up/having fun/making memories.


Ibiza is home to a wealth of qualified and experienced child-minding professionals. Whether planning ahead to free up some child-free time during your stay, or to take advantage of Ibiza’s never-ending nights past the little one’s bed time. The majority of Ibiza’s concierge services are connected to a number of reputable and proven childcare providers that you can trust so you can enjoy yourself with peace of mind.

Health and Wellbeing

Keen to stay in shape and focused whilst on holiday? Taking a break midway through training for a marathon or a sporting event? Rely heavily on your morning yoga/meditation to get the most out of your day? The good news is that you don’t have to leave any of this behind just because you’re on holiday.

Over the years Ibiza has drawn some of the best personal trainers and wellbeing professionals to its shores with the lure of living out a healthy and balanced life in paradise. Great news for us, as this means there is someone for everything and at all levels. A good Ibiza concierge service will have access to a number of different activities and professionals, who, for the most part, will come to you at your villa or apartment – equipment in hand. Worry less about all of the food and treats, knowing that you can keep training whilst overseas.

Private Jets

Go anywhere. And fast. Travelling by private jet is one of the most exclusive and exciting ways to get around. The world quickly becomes a smaller place and, with many charters offering wheels up within 4 hours of booking, gone are the days of planning months in advance.

A concierge service will be able to provide you with exactly what you need – if you are travelling with a family or with friends and need food and beverages onboard. Travel and connections at your destination, pick up to and from the airport. They will also be able to provide you with an all-inclusive estimate that takes into account your needs, timings and number of passengers. It’s wise to liaise with a concierge service that understands the complexities of private aviation and luxury customer service.

We highly recommend all of the above, and hope that you get the most out of your time on the island. Enjoy, and remember there’s always time for more sun cream.

We hope that you find this of use and look forward to seeing you in Ibiza soon!


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