There are 7 Yacht Marinas in Ibiza – and these are the Best!

by davie
April 11, 2021
Marinas in Ibiza Port

There are 3 towns with yacht marinas in Ibiza – San Antonio, Ibiza Town and Santa Eulalia. I compared them to find out which marina is best.

Living in Ibiza, I am often asked by visiting sailors – How many Yacht Marinas are there in Ibiza? The quick answer is 7 as listed below.


Marina Club Nautico Ibiza

Ibiza Town has an ancient history. The Port of Ibiza is situated at the foot of the fortified Old City or ‘Dalt Vila’. Today it’s a World Heritage site due to its stunning Roman architecture.

Plentiful restaurants, shops, art galleries, museums and cafes lead from the yacht marina in Ibiza up steep winding ramps to the towering Acropolis. It’s easy to get lost wandering the maze of cobbled streets. The narrow whitewashed buildings are lived in and still very much alive. You’ll notice them strung with laundry and decorated with flowerpots.

However, Ibiza Town is one of the busiest ports on the islands. Ferries run constantly to and from from mainland Spain, Formentera and Mallorca. The marina is modern, upmarket with luxurious facilities but it’s very urban.

Marina Botafoc

Marina Botafoc sits on the north part of the large inlet at Ibiza town.

This is one of the marinas in Ibiza with a nighclub in the marina.



Marina Magna Ibiza

Marina Magna is one of the smallest marinas in Ibiza.


Marina Sovren Ibiza

Marina Sovren in Ibiza Town is for larger vessels and sits under the Dalt Villa. Marinas in Ibiza.


Why is Ibiza called the White Island? Find out here.

Marina San Antonio Port

San Antonio is the party town for young revellers and the port sits right at the bottom of the busy west end which is full of bars and night venues. This is one of the marinas in Ibiza that you won’t want to visit if you are looking for a quiet time!

The marina port of San Antonio has a wealth of history and is a the more popular marinas in Ibiza.

A benefit of berthing in San Antonio is the close proximity of excellent anchorages such as Cala Gracio, Cala Salada, Ses Balandres and Es Portitxol.


Club Nautic San Antonio Yacht Marina

Club Nautic yacht marina is where I usually berth if I’m looking for a little nightlife and fun. San Antonio was pretty much a sleepy mediterranean town from 1305 until the 1980’s when clubbing fever hit the island and massive expansion began.

High rise apartments, hotels, restaurants, bars, shops and clubs now cluster the beachfront. An elegantly paved promenade extends along the entire sandy beach. It sports sparkling fountains, a cycling track and a children’s playground, all set under tall rows of shady palms and surrounded by buzzing cafes and bars.

The marina is perfectly centrally located in the centre of the beachfront. Be warned, it’s a bit of a long hot walk down the quay to reach the promenade. Take a trolley if you’re stocking up on supplies at the local supermarkets.


Marina Santa Eulalia

Last but not least, the ‘Marina’ at Santa Eulalia is my favourite yacht marina in Ibiza. I prefer a chilled-out sailor’s life, and this charming town offers the perfect blend of pristine beach, friendly bars and convenient shopping for supplies.

You can either to berth at the marina proper or to rent a pontoon space across the harbour. The entrance to the office is right on the promenade, which stretches along the beach. Staff are helpful and the facilities are great.

There is a casual relaxed vibe as couples stroll along the seaside. Families enjoy the white sandy beach and azure waters. Merry tourists meet friends and lounge in the fab cafes lining the strip.

Santa Eulalia feels like the most authentic town on the island. Many locals live here all year round, due to its central location and more reasonable property prices. It also has the only river on the Balearic islands, although it rarely fills its own banks.

Cafe Sidney situated at the marina, is the perfect spot to have a cocktail (or two) and enjoy the peaceful sea views. Simply pull in directly on your dinghy, tie it to the pier and relax in the restaurant, bare feet and all. That is seriously the life!

You can’t go wrong!

The yacht marinas in Ibiza are all excellent, with a high standard of service. Perhaps the best thing about them, is that during Summer, you rarely need to use them. This is because there is plenty of free anchorage around the island. I wish you happy sailing my reader, and comfortable berths in any conditions.


The yacht marinas in Ibiza differ according to the town they’re located in. San Antonio, Ibiza Town and Santa Eulalia are all lively tourist towns during the summer season. Each one has a different kind of vibe. Marinas in Ibiza do get fully booked up in the summer months of July and August so it is important to plan ahead, especially if the weather forecast is bad.

So to summarise, which of the marinas in Ibiza is best? The marina that’s best for you will depend on the lifestyle you enjoy. For me, the best of the marinas in Ibiza is Marina Santa Eulalia.


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