Where is the Best Anchorage in Ibiza? Here are 7 to choose from.

by davie
March 19, 2021
Best Anchorage Ibiza

Ahhh, Ibiza, the beautiful island of glorious sunsets and rich, crystalline waters, a traveller’s dream and sailor’s playground. With inspiring jagged headlands, inviting anchorages and epic views, Ibiza is a place your boats long to drop anchor. You won’t be disappointed. Here are some of the best anchorages to look for while you are sailing Ibiza.

Cala Vadella

This small cove offers shelter from practically all directions. Though when strong West winds sweep through, it is advised to be elsewhere. Due to its popularity and size, you might be hard-pressed to find room to drop anchor during the high season of July and August.
If you are someone looking for civilisation and family-friendly fun, this may be the place for you. There is a sheltered beach where children can play as well as an excellent place for swimmers. This anchorage also boasts a park nearby, many restaurants and supermarkets. If you find the essential supplies are running out on board, this is a great place to stock up and replenish.

Cala Jondal

On the southernmost side of the island, you will find the popular haven of Cala Jondal. With turquoise waters, a seabed of sand, seaweed and pebbles, rocky beaches, and pine trees dotting the surrounding cliffs and headlands, this is a place of incredible natural beauty. If solitude is what you are looking for, this anchorage is not your place.
However, if you enjoy a crowd, entertainment options, and drinks delivered directly to your boat from one of the beach clubs onshore (called ‘zodiac service’), this could be your paradise.

Cala d’ Hort

If you are looking for something quieter, Cala d’Hort is an excellent option. This sandy anchorage exposed to the East winds provides beautiful views of Es Vedra (the mythical home of sirens and sea-nymphs), along with some of the more glorious sunsets of the island. White cliffs topped with lush green foliage surround the turquoise waters and soft, sandy seabed. You will find excellent diving conditions here along with some bars and restaurants on the beach.

Cala Xarraca

The large, open, and welcoming bay of Cala Xarraca is exposed to North and Northeast winds. The best area to anchor is in the sand in front of the most southerly of the three beaches.
This area also offers a variety of activities. The shallow, crystal clear water is excellent for swimmers. Some of the rocky shelves surrounding this haven even sport rope swings. Also on land you can find trails that meander and criss-cross, leading you on an exploration of some the surrounding tiny coves. This anchorage also has a naturally occurring mud bath said to be soothing for tired skin.

Cala Benirras

If you find yourself on the north side of the island and a strong North wind begins to brew, the anchorage of Benirras offers the best protection.Known for its impressive and breathtaking sunsets as well as its Bohemian vibe, this anchorage is a favourite among younger travellers and those looking for a relaxed atmosphere and a more eccentric experience. On Sundays, drummers descend onto the beach to ‘drum down the sunset’, a unique and inspiring experience that has brought travellers from far and wide.

Before the sun dips below the horizon, there are things to do and sights to see. The partly rocky seabed is a great place to explore for snorkellers. Here, you can bask in the breathtaking view of Cap Bernat, what the locals call the “finger of God”. Nature trails onshore are an excellent way to shake out those sea legs. And if you’re tired of eating from your on-board coffers, there are some restaurants on the beach.

Cala Salada

At the foot of a pine forest, flanked by rocky headlands topped with rosemary bushes, this anchorage is a great place to shelter during the summer months. Cala Salada is located on the west coast, which exposes it to West winds but also creates a convenient place to watch the sunset.

While here, gear up for some kayaking, paddle-boarding and snorkelling. This location near San Antonio provides opportunity for sightseeing and shopping. At the far corner of the beach there is a restaurant that is popular among locals. While looking for a spot to anchor, be cautious of the rocks on the north side of the bay.

Cala Conta

Sandy anchorage with an adjacent sandy beach and clear water, this Ibiza anchorage is popular with sunbathers and swimmers. Exposed to West winds, it also offers views of Bledes Islands and the Isle of Esparto, along with stunning sunsets.

You will also find the beach restaurant, Sunset Ashram, separating the two beaches. If you are looking for company and a DJ to serenade the sunset, this is the place to be.

Whether you are looking for a serene spot to drop anchor and quietly enjoy the beautiful views or seek the company of other sailors, yachters, and travellers of many ilks, Ibiza’s many havens offer a variety of fun and relaxing options for sailors.

For more anchorage information from over 80 bays around Ibiza, visit our sailing guidelines page.



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