15 of the Best Anchorages in Ibiza for Beach Clubs

by davie
April 18, 2021
Best Anchorages in Ibiza for Beach Clubs

Sailing in Ibiza is a truly magical experience. We look at 15 of the Best Anchorages in Ibiza for Beach Clubs. There are hundreds of spots in Ibiza to drop the anchor and some are quieter than others. In this article we will focus on the bays in Ibiza that are nearest to the party destinations.

We are still amidst the Ibiza covid outbreak in 2021 and the nightclubs are closed, so we will focus on the best anchorages in Ibiza close the the beach clubs and cool chiringuitos around the white island. These anchorages in Ibiza offer a good spot to drop the hook, go onshore and explore the beach bar lifestyle in Ibiza.

Cala Bassa

First is Cala Bassa and the Cala Bassa Beach Club (cBBC). Located in the west of the island and not so far from San Antonio, it is renowned as one of the most beautiful beaches in Ibiza. Cala Bassa is different from many beaches in Ibiza as its basically a beach only operated by the one restaurant. Its like a mini-resort of its own. And the prices are there to match! Saying that, it is quite luxury with balinese beds, VIP areas and beautiful food in their restaurants. The beach too has soft sand and its calm turquoise waters are inviting after a few refreshments.


Cala Jondal

Home to the Blue Marlin beach club, Cala Jondal is another favourite spot located in the south of Ibiza. A popular daytime venue with day-to-night dining, Blue Marlin turned into an open air nightclub with DJ’s such as Pete Tong having a regular residence. It’s unlikely these events will commence in Ibiza 2021 but Blue Marlin still offers a great anchorage to visit and have a party.

Other venues include Tropicana, Es Xarcu, and Yemanja beach restaurant.

The beach itself at Jondal is rather stoney so not so lovely to sunbath or swim. This also makes it more difficult to anchor however there is ample sand patches further from shore. For full details of the Cala Jondal anchorage or other anchorages in Ibiza, visit our guide page.


Ses Salines

This is the famous beach where the celebs and footballers can be found in the summer. Ses Salines is situated in a conservation area.   It has a long, curved beach, with beautiful soft golden sand and a boundary of pine trees.  It’s popular with locals, families and nudists and the crystal clear water makes it ideal for swimming.    Rugged rocks stretching into the water are situated at both ends of the beach and a short path will take you to smaller bays which are more peaceful.  The water here is very salty which makes it easy to stay afloat when swimming.


Cala Talamanca

The nearest bay to Ibiza Town, Talamanca has some nice spots to chill and drink. Talamanca is one of the largest bays in Ibiza in a peaceful location with stunning soft white sand and clear, shallow water. A wooden promenade runs the length of the beach with bars and restaurants adjacent to the walkway. Despite being popular, it’s still easy not to feel crowded here during the high season and it’s a relaxing place to spend time in the sun. Talamanca’s proximity to Ibiza Town also makes it an ideal base if you want to relax by day and party by night


Cala Comte

Sunset Ashram is a great spot for the afternoon and especially for the sunset in Ibiza. The exquisite beach at Cala Comte is very popular and can get crowded so it’s best to arrive early if you can.   Its clear waters are shallow making it excellent for children and good for swimming although there are strong currents in the open sea which can make it difficult even for strong swimmers. It’s not unusual to spot a variety of fish when swimming here.  Sunbeds and loungers are very expensive to hire so many people simply use towels.

> YouTube drone footage of Cala Comte >>


San Antonio Bay

This is a large bay and is right bang in the middle of the party town of San Antonio.


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Cala Portinatx

A quieter town in the north west of Ibiza, Portinatx is not the party venue like other bays but it does have some nice bars and restaurants. The beach at Portinatx is a pretty area made up of 3 beaches of golden sand with rock pools at the water’s edge. It’s a quiet resort which is safe for children and offers wonderful panoramic views. It is a Blue Flag beach with beautiful turquoise waters that are both shallow and safe. This makes it one of the safest anchorages in Ibiza.


Cala d’Hort

This sandy anchorage exposed to the East winds provides beautiful views of Es Vedra (the mythical home of sirens and sea-nymphs), along with some of the more glorious sunsets of the island. White cliffs topped with lush green foliage surround the turquoise waters and soft, sandy seabed. You will find excellent diving conditions here along with some bars and restaurants on the beach. Cala d’Hort is one of the best anchorages in Ibiza for that perfect photo opportunity of Es Vedra.


Cala Vadella

Popular beach with some nice vibes and plenty of sunshine. It is a picturesque and peaceful bay that is home to the Cala Vadella resort, and a few other hotels and apartments. This bay is quite a hit with families and couples. Pine-clad hills surround the bay, which are great for long, leisurely, walks. A popular spot for motor boats and private yatchs, Cala Vadella is a safe, natural harbour, and the sunset here can be quite romantic.


Cala Tarida

Cala Tarida is one of the idyllic anchorages in Ibiza, with its beautiful golden beaches popular with families. Tarida is located in the south west of Ibiza. Cala Tarida is the longest beach on the west coast of Ibiza.   It’s a beautiful sheltered bay with white sand and crystal clear water in shades of turquoise, blue and green which can be very busy in the height of the season.   The beach is split into Tarida North and Tarida South with a group of rocks forming the dividing line.   Sunsets here are spectacular.


Cala Benirras

Benirras is one of my favourite anchorages in Ibiza and I like to visit just before summer when the crowds are not too crazy. There is always a nice vibe in Benirras due to the popular hippie scene, although this has dwindled in the last couple of years due to the ‘tourist attraction’ that became ‘just too much’. This is still a beautiful spot to anchor and there is a nice restaurant right on the beach. Elements has some cool music playing all day and great food.


Cala de San Vincent

The Beachhouse is a great little spot on the right hand side of the beach. A nice place to hang out if you’re in the north of Ibiza.

San Vincent is a great spot to anchor and the large cliffs on either side of the bay are breathtaking. Its just a shame that there is a number of tourist hotels dominating the beach but its still one of the top anchorages in Ibiza for cruisers visiting the north of the island.

Santa Eulalia des Riu

The bay is right in front of the town of Santa Eularia with many bars and restaurants. The beach club of Chiringuito Blue is a great spot with amazing food. On the entrance to the marina you will see the Cala Bassa Beach Club restaurant.


Cala Llenya

Cala Llenya in the north east of Ibiza has a nice chiringuito. It has a beautiful curved beach of golden sand surrounded by pine trees, and is one of the Blue Flag beaches and anchorages in Ibiza.   It is one of the quieter beaches in Ibiza, even in high season, and has a wide variety of activities and facilities which make it a perfect destination.

>> YouTube drone footage of Cala Llenya >>


Playa d’en Bossa

This is THE party beach in Ibiza and whilst its not the most comfortable anchorages in Ibiza, it does have several cool beach clubs. With its multitude of small hotels and apartments, Playa d’en Bossa is another of the open anchorages in Ibiza and can get shallow quickly with waves being created, so only choose this on good days.


For a full list of all bays and beaches in Ibiza, go to our webpage showing all anchorages and sailing information around Ibiza. We also have many amazing drone videos in our YouTube channel.







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