Sailing in Ibiza: 5 Top Spots to Anchor

by davie
October 10, 2020
Calm Benirras Beach Ibiza

One of the perks of Sailing the island of Ibiza is free mooring in idyllic locations. I sailed the coastline to find my 5 best anchorages in Ibiza.

Sailing in Ibiza on my Beneteau Oceanis 45, the ‘One Life’ is, for me, experiencing life at it’s utmost idyllic. I meandered slowly along the coastline of this Balearic island last Summer 2020, and explored some of the best beaches, coves and harbours for anchorage in Ibiza.

Balearic island sailing, particularly around the island of Ibiza, is mostly tranquil in the Summer season, which spans from May/ June until late August. The winds are predictable, the seas are warm and there are no tides to consider. But occasionally, an unexpected squall can blow in and you need to find a safe harbour or sheltered cove to anchor your boat.

There are basically two types of weather in the Med, according to JimB Sail, online experts on sailing the Mediterranean Sea: ‘Settled’ and ‘Unsettled’: “Unsettled weather is when there’s significant heavy cloud around. Area forecasts may then hide major variations, when some very sharp and violent wind shifts may occur, often associated with thunderstorms or fronts, including the occasional tornado. Quick access to a well-sheltered harbour is important in unsettled conditions, as is the ability to reef a sailboat quickly.”

Ibiza has a long and rugged coastline of 210 kilometers, which takes a fair amount of sailing to cover, so time and planning are necessary to get from A to B. I set out to explore the best beaches on all sides of the island that I could rely on for anchorage in any wind forecast. My criteria were easy access, especially for “parking” the yacht, sheltered conditions, a beach restaurant to have lunch in and a nice deep sandy bay to avoid any dragging on marine plant life and snagging of my anchor.

Anchorage in Ibiza: The top 5 mooring spots where you will find shelter, safety and beauty on all sides of the island of Ibiza.

1. Cala Benirrás

Cala Benirrás is tucked into the northern tip of Ibiza, between steep forested cliffs and is well known for its spectacular beauty. The narrow bay has a rather majestic entrance, with a rocky outcrop, 27 meters high, known as the ‘Islote Bernat’, that looks uncannily like Queen Victoria on her throne, if you’re looking out from the beach towards the sea. It is, however, perfectly safe to sail past on either hand, as it has no outliers and the bay offers a nice sandy bottom of 5-8m for dropping your anchor.

On a Sunday, the beach can get quite busy as there is a regular drumming session attended by an enthusiastic crowd. There are a few decent bars and restaurants, and there is no development nearby, as it’s an area of awesome natural beauty. Beware that you will be charged €3.50 for a €1.20 bag of ice from any restaurant there – so stock up before you go!

2. Cala Portinatx

Cala Portinatx is an attractive bay open to the north and north-west, and about an hour’s sailing from Benirrás. The cala opens out into three sandy coves settled between outreaching arms of wooded land. It’s become fairly developed in recent years and there are hotels, supermarket s, shops and restaurants, which is great if you need to stock up and get supplies or enjoy a meal onshore. The anchorage is rather shallow at only 1.5 to 3m and the holding is poor or patchy in places but the water is blue and clear. Watch out for swimmers!

3. Cala Llonga

Number 3 of my top spots to anchor in Ibiza is Cala Llonga near to the town of Santa Eularia des Riu and the marina Santa Eulalia. A lively beach on the east coast of Ibiza, bordered by cliffs and very protected unless the wind is in the west, when it can funnel through and send blasting gusts along the cala. Swells from the east can get a bit uncomfortable as the waves rebound off the cliffs and rock the boats about.

I enjoy Cala Llonga for it’s great restaurants and shops and friendly relaxed atmosphere. It’s a great place to catch a big sports match on TV or have a dip in a pool or get laundry done – all those things you can’t do from your yacht!

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4. Cala Salada

One of the most beautiful and quiet beaches on the island, Cala Salada is difficult to access by car so there are less crowds of tourists. It’s only about an hour’s sail from San Antonio on the western coast of Ibiza . The water is a pristine aquamarine blue, always warm and it does seem to be very salty – after all, its name in Spanish means ‘Salty Beach’. You won’t be able to use your mobile phone as 3G and 4G are minimal or non-existent, so consider Cala Salada a digital detox spot and relax into the beauty of nature on the ocean.


5. San Antonio Bay

San Antonio Bay may not be the most charming of bays, but if a big storm blows up, its your safest bet for free anchorage in Ibiza. Mooring and harbouring are super expensive in the Balearic islands in summer – but if the weather gets really tempestuous you can always fork out for a sheltered berth at the Club Nàutico San Antoni de Portmany. San Antonio is also your go-to place in Ibiza for fuel, shopping, banking and repairs, so it’s always handy to anchor here if you need to get any chores accomplished.

I wish you, my reader, fair sailing and fun while cruising the beautiful island of Ibiza. I hope this guide will be helpful in finding a free anchorages in ibiza when you need it.


Quiet Spots to Anchor in the North of Ibiza:

1 Es Portitxol
2 Es Caló de s’Illa
3 Calo d’es Porcs
4 Cala d’en Serra
5 Aguas Blanca
6 Pou d’es Lleo
7 Cala Boix


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