Cala Corral, IBIZA

Cala Corral is a small cove away from the crowd with a little fishing port and boat piers. Nearby there are rocks surrounded by fishing huts.

It’s mostly visited by hut owners and fishermen who bring home their catch. It’s located on the South West of Ibiza in a stretch of the coastline close to Cala Tarida, Cala Contra and Cala Bassa.

38°56’39.8″N 1°13’38.0″E



The bay of Cala Corral faces directly West so this is a safe, albeit small anchorage in most swells. The large hills inland provide shelter from northern and eastern winds. There are also larger anchorages just around the coast at Cala Codolar or Cala Tarida.



The seabed is mostly stone nearer to the beach. For yachts, there are some spots further out of the bay with sand bottom if you can get there before other boats. Otherwise be aware of anchoring above the rocks and getting snagged.



There are several buoys in this small bay but are taken by small local boats. Be careful not to anchor near them in case the owner comes back with their boat.



There are a few spots available to take your dinghy to shore, and possibly to the little harbour.



Cala Corral is a very small beach in Ibiza surrounded by small fisherman huts, and also includes a small port for local boats. The sea is bright blue and the pebble sea floor is very clear and see-through. It’s not quite a beach as it’s quite rocky and covered with seaweed, but there’s space enough for a nude sunbath – as it’s so quiet and peaceful. No facilities such as showers, a lifeguard, or restaurants, but there is a toilet available at the tiny marina nearby.

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Nothing really close by other than the Shopping centre a few miles further up the road, but there’s a cold vending machine near the marina if its open.



No shops nearby, other than the La Serina Shopping Centre a drive up the road.

To Do


Snorkelling is great with the pristine waters and the rocky seabed, home to a rich and abundant sea life. Hikers can navigate the rocky trails and cliffs in the either direction. A short walk gets you to the Ibiza ‘Stonehenge monument’, while a walk to south offers a beautiful view of stunning villas atop the cliffs. If you’d like some peace and quiet or even some naked sunbathing, then this is your spot.

Beach Access


Take the road from Sant Josep to Sant Antoni in the direction of Cala Tarida. After the entrance to the cove, turn left at the roundabout next to the La Sirena Shopping Centre until you arrive at a spacious square for parking. There’s a road to the right that goes down to the cove of Cala Corral.

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Best Anchorages in Ibiza for Beach Clubs

Best Anchorages in Ibiza for Beach Clubs

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