Your Guide to Ibiza (by Land & Sea)

by Yolanda Jones
May 10, 2021
Guide to Ibiza

Ibiza has long since established itself as one of the most sought-after destinations to explore by boat – and for good reason! The Balearic paradise continues to draw people from all around the world, all attracted to an island with unmistakable magic. This Guide to Ibiza explains what to do and what to see.

Thanks to its spectacular landscapes, white sandy beaches and turquoise crystal clear waters, Ibiza and it’s smaller neighbour and counterpart, Formentera, have become a firm staple in any seafaring calendar. With an abundance of idyllic coves, stunning sunsets (and sunrises for the early birds) and places to anchor, combined with the region’s average of 300 days of uninterrupted sunshine per year, it makes for the perfect destination to not only explore by sea, but by land as well.

If you are yet to enter its charming waters, then now is the time to check it off the list as we present you with just some of the highlights that scratch the surface of this magical part of the Mediterranean.

Whether it’s peace and tranquillity or the hustle and bustle of Ibiza’s infamous nightlife that you’re looking for, the islands are the perfect size to explore and roam around in just a week. This makes it ideal for those looking to set sail for a short period of time whilst offering no shortage of experiences for those lucky enough to enjoy an extended stay. If the weather isn’t to your liking, all it takes is a short jaunt to the other side of the island to find calmer waters where typically any unfavourable weather moves along swiftly.

Without further delay, let’s take a look at your Ibiza guide by sea:


Las Salinas

Arguably the most famous beach of Ibiza, Las Salinas is located on the island’s south easterly tip. The beach itself is located amidst the natural park of Ses Salines, a long stretch of white sand protected by dunes and pine trees of the brightest greens. Flanked by Ibiza’s colourful salt flats, home to its flamingos, and with the clearest of waters thanks to the posidonia – Salinas has been declared a World Heritage site. Find a clear place to anchor up and head ashore to Sa Trinxa or the Jockey Club to catch an alfresco atmosphere and soak up some music!


Es Vedra

If you head along the westerly coast, you will see the majestic silhouette of Es Vedra emerging from the sea. Striking in its appearance as its own protected ecosystem, Es Vedra is shrouded in mystery and mythology – citing ‘magical’ properties, passed through the visiting rumour mill of years gone by.

If magic and mystery isn’t your thing then worry not because, most importantly, it’s located where some of the most spectacular sunsets take place. Anchor close to Cala D’Hort and its white sandy beach, and prepare to see the sun in a size and colour that you’ve never seen before as it bids farewell for another day. Avid photographers take note as this is a prime snapping spot!



There aren’t many places in the Mediterranean that come close to the beauty and colour of Formentera’s many beaches. On a par with Antigua and the Caribbean, its white sandy beaches are long, the water turquoise and shallow. This is an essential anchor to make for a day of snorkelling, water activities and revelling in paradise. Thanks to its shape and perimeter size there is room for everyone, and if one part is busy then there is almost certainly another that is less so. If you fancy stretching your legs, head ashore and dine in some of the best restaurants and chiringuitos in the region where fine dining meets feet in the sand, and the hazy warm evenings seem to never end. Thanks to its small population, Formentera benefits from very little light pollution, making it one of the best places for kicking off your shoes, getting horizontal and looking at the stars. For more information, images and lots more, visit our Guide to Formentera page here.


Cala Comte

A busy Cala Comte beach in Ibiza

the famous and fantastic popular beach of Cala Comte in Ibiza, Balearic island. Beautiful for summer holidays in Spain

Cala Comte is made up of a series of small bays with transparent water. It is one of the most beautiful beaches in Europe and ranked within the top ten beaches in Spain. Look to the shore and you will see families and holiday makers soaking up the delights of the beach and surrounding restaurants – including the infamous Sunset Ashram and its favourable sunset views. Look the other way and you will see a number of uninhabited islands peppering the horizon – a truly tranquil way to avoid the hustle taking place on land!

Now remember that we are only scratching the surface here, and that your guide to Ibiza by sea wouldn’t be complete without looking at just a couple of highlights that await you on land as well!


Dalt Villa

The old town of Ibiza is known as ‘Dalt Villa’. The city is framed by walls steeped in history (that were declared a World Heritage Site in ‘99) and serves as a government, commercial and cultural centre of the island. A true rabbit warren of alleys, stairs and hidden corners, we suggest having no plan – and to follow your nose to see where you end up. Dalt Villa is full of hidden gems; restaurants, bars, live music, stalls, shops – everything you can think of – all seemingly packed into the illusion of a small area. The city has a population of 49,727 and you will see the climbing vines and colourful gardens of the houses that open directly onto the streets and into the buzz of its nightlife. Fancy some history and culture? You’re in luck! Dalt Villa is home to The Puget Museum, Christopher Columbus House Museum, Church of Santo Domingo and Museu d’Art Contemporani d’Eivissa plus so much more.



Defined as ‘an agriculturally based operation that brings visitors to a farm or ranch’ – Ibiza is home to some of the most beautiful farmhouses that have been transformed into rustic-style hotels. If you are looking to spend a night on land, then be sure to make it count! Surrounded by palm trees, orange and lemon trees and typically with spas to relax and decompress, these havens have all of the luxuries of modern and contemporary hospitality combined with Ibiza’s rustic and more bohemian roots.

Atzaro has been around for almost 20 years and has made a name for itself on the island as one of the most well-known agrotourism hotels. The base of an Ibizan farmhouse from the 17th century renovated with influences from Indian, Indonesian and Japanese interior design. Looking for somewhere secluded? Can Guillem is for you – just a 5km cab ride away from Ibiza Town, this farmhouse turned rural hotel only has six rooms. So find your peace, and enjoy the quiet! Can Talaias, run by a father and son duo, overlooks the village of Sant Carlos below. Here you will find libraries of books, vintage furniture, an open fireplace and a pool to switch off. Can Talaias is one of the more authentic agrotourism hotels on the island as it has a functioning farm with its own livestock!


10 Recommended Beaches in Ibiza

Click the link to see more information on each beach and to see amazing photos and drone videos of these idyllic beaches in Ibiza. This website is your ultimate Guide to Ibiza:

  1. Cala Benrirras
  2. Cala Bassa
  3. Cala Vadella
  4. Portinatx
  5. Cala d’Hort
  6. Port de Sant Miguel
  7. Cala Martina
  8. Cala Salada
  9. Ses Balandres
  10. Cala Carbo


If one thing is for certain, whether exploring by sea or land, you will never be short of things to see or do in and around Ibiza. We hope this has given you some inspiration and wish you the very best on your adventures!

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